Application Schools & Programs

Southfield Public Schools provide a wide array of programs that speak to the social, academic, and cultural uniqueness of each child. In addition to our high-quality schools, Southfield Public Schools offers a variety of rigorous and challenging academic programs which require admission via an application and/or testing process. Please call the school for more information.

AP Prep Applications (Grades K through 8th):
Applications closed October 19, 2018.

AP Prep Schools (Please call the school for more information):

  • Adler Elementary (248-746-8870)
  • Birney K-8 (248-746-8800)
  • Thompson K-8 (248-746-7400)
  • McIntyre Elementary (248-746-7365)
  • MacArthur K-8 (248-746-8590)
  • Stevenson Elementary (248-746-8840)
  • Vandenberg Elementary (248-746-7375)

Application Schools: 
The following applications will be available January 28, 2019. 
Levey Middle School Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) (248-746-8740)
MacArthur K-8 University Academy (248-746-8590)

The following applications are available.
University Middle School Academy (UMSA) - 248-746-4370
University High School Academy (UHSA) - 248-746-4370